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Photo of Amy KonaryOffline's CEO Marc Benioff has touted the company's continued success with closing large deals, including 60 seven-figure transactions and 3 eight-figure "megadeals" signed during the most recent quarter. At the same time, the company is transforming itself again: during the keynote presentation kicking off's Dreamforce Conference last week in San Francisco, Benioff, said was "born Cloud, reborn Social."

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Marc Benioff's opening keynote for's annual user event, Dreamforce, did not disappoint. As is the case with many organizations with strong entrepreneurial founders the organization is imbued with Marc Benioff's personality and personal taste in everything from music to technology.  Launching the conference was a Hawaiian ceremony of enlightenment and harmony.  MC Hammer and Neil Young were sitting in the audience, a Toyota Friend prototype was in the front row and 45K

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