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Among IDC's Worldwide Software Business Solutions 2011Top 10 Predictions: The Hyperconnected Enterprise, we noted the convergence of on-line commerce with traditional creating a whole new customer experience, and offered that "focusing on customer experience, the proliferation of text aware mobile apps, and the emergence of social tools will lead to an innovation in commerce experience that is a hybrid of social, mobile, online and brick and mortar." Data points that suggest this growing trend of an increas

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Things can bother me for a while until I tease out exactly what it is that is bothering me.  Until I do tease it out, it will plague me without a clear reason why.  Almost from the beginning of the social media and social networking trend the phrase 'join the conversation' has been one of those things.  Don't get me wrong, I even use it.  On the surface I 'get' what the phrase means.   In regards to CRM, I've used it primarily as a warning to organizations that they need to par

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