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Believe it or not I had an ad hoc chat yesterday with someone with whom I work that culminated in the recommendation to try Frosted Flakes with chocolate syrup.  Really, we had been talking about work previous to this comment.  However, we severely digressed into the topic of eating breakfast cereal as a dinner entree (his choice is Frosted Flakes, I personally don't do this) and ended with how it can also be leveraged as a dessert by adding chocolate syrup.   Concurrently, I've been heavily


Workday, cloud computing provider of human capital management, payroll and financial management solutions had a busy week beginning Aug 30, first hosting its second annual Workday Technology Summit and later in the week also announcing a partnership agreement with during its Dreamforce 2011 user conference in San Francisco. (For more on the Dreamforce event, see Mary Wardley’s blog post, Amy Konary’s post, and for IDC subscribers, see Christine Dover’s research


IDC has been talking for some time about social business. Michael Fauscette frequently touches upon the topic in his blog and we have incorporated the themes of social business in various research and speeches over the past year, including the recently published for subscribers, IDC’s Social Business Taxonomy, 2011.  As IDC describes it, the term social business reflects the broad effect that social networking is having on the many roles and business processes of an organization, encompas

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