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There has been a good bit of back and forth going on lately after the recent Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Santa Clara about the terms e2.0, social CRM and social business. I'm getting tired of the argument frankly, all of the terms have a place in what has been happening and they each describe a piece of what I think has to become a "whole". Social CRM and programs that deal with the “social customer” are the new “black” this year. And why not, every business wants to get closer


On Monday I listened along with thousands of others to Facebook's announcement of a new email service to extend the company's "modern messaging" mission (  To briefly recap, Facebook announced three areas of innovation it has been working on for over a year around seamless messaging (the ability to send IM, SMS text, and email messages according to peoples' preferences), conversation history (one threaded discussion per person no matter what channel the conversat


The emergence of social media and social networking capabilities as a new mode of productivity has fuelled speculation and many industry discussions about the impact this new technology will have on traditional collaborative applications such as email. Some are convinced that activity streams and micro-blogging as communication forms will be the "death to email", while others remain committed to the email and document centric processes that have been long established. In my opinion, businesses are not going

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