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The value of privacy will diminish

By Fayaz Khaki

Everybody who uses a smartphone or a tablet and has downloaded apps, has exchanged personal data. The average user – which is most of us – will not know where their data is processed or even what data has been collected. The regulators are doing all that they can to tighten up the regulation but the reality is they will always be a few steps behind. There are now so many headlines of security breaches that it would appear it has numbed a users’ concept of the severity of these breaches.

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As a society we are fast approaching a world where everything is connected, our lives will potentially be logged at an infinite level. Connected fridges and cars are the just the first steps toward my shirts having sensors and notifying my tailor that my shirt has been through 50 washes at 40 degrees and has been worn 49 times in average temperatures of 12 degrees Celsius. Therefore he should start tailoring a new shirt for me now because my current shirt is going to show wear and tear in three weeks time. At which point I will come in for a new shirt.

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