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The IAM market is in a state of disruption as identity, protection, and trust are all intertwined at the core of any successful cloud strategy. Technologies in the SSO and strong authentication space are being evaluated in a new light as employees increasingly expect to be able to work anywhere on the device of their choice, managing/securing the corporate footprint of data on the device becomes essential. Given the popularity of the iPad, IDC expects to see more identity/security solutions offered towards the enterprise iPad user in the next 12 months.

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Poker Explains Situational Awareness

By Charles Kolodgy

One of the more common analogies associated with cyber-security, is the chess analogy. The matching of chess and hacking/cybersecurity was prevalent in 2003's The Hacker's Handbook: the Strategy Behind Breaking Into and Defending Networks by Susan Young and Dave Aitel.

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IBM's Center for Applied Insights conducted its first study of senior security executives, and interviewed more than 130 security leaders globally. The study’s core concentration was on the role of CISOs and many interesting findings were laid out.

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