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The Best Deals….

By John Grady

…are often the ones not made, or so the saying goes. It’s easy to look back and evaluate acquisitions that were completed, whether it be soon after or long after the fact, and evaluate the success. But overlooked sometimes, are the deals that do not close for one reason or another, or never even get off the ground.

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F5 Networks has been ramping up its strategy in the security market over the last few months. It has also launched several new products and added new security features to its existing products. Traditionally more focused on application delivery, F5 recognized the opportunity in the security market to provide solutions that would bridge the gap between the application and security.

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As more enterprises rush to social media as a marketing and customer engagement tool, a market is emerging between the areas of traditional enterprise Web security and online social media management. An interesting startup we recently met with is Social IQ Networks, which is trying to solve the problems of social media sprawl and access control in enterprises.

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This document was also co-authored by Namratha Dharshan

After Citigroup, Global Payments Inc., one of the world’s leading card processing merchants was the latest victim of cyber attacks. There was a security breach and it has been reported that more than 1 million cardholders' data were compromised, making it one of the largest security attacks in recent times.

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