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The last 12 months were quite busy for utilities on the cybersecurity and compliance fronts. Very much like last year, 2011 also witnessed increase in the targeted attack vectors. Although, many industries were hit with specific security attacks, utility industry continued to untangle the affects of "Stuxnet". In addition, multiple security research firms found a new malware "Duqu", reported to be built using Stuxnet code.  Utility IT and operations professionals will see more compliance activities aro

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  IDC has sized the market for private and public cloud security products, and forecasted strong five-year growth for both segments. A new report published last week (Worldwide Cloud Security 2011–2015 Forecast) highlights private clouds as biggest opportunity for security products vendors to sell cloud-focused security hardware and software. The public cloud segment, while much smaller, will grow rapidly over the next five years, as cloud providers weave security features and underlying function

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