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ICT Industry trends from 2015 - 2020, based on data from IDC's Worldwide Black Book (3rd Platform Edition). Learn 3rd Platform Opportunities, Impact on IT Spending by Innovation Accelerators and a broader view of worldwide ICT Spending.

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IDC and Digital Transformation Maturity

By Shawn Fitzgerald

I recently spoke with Forbes Insights about some of the findings from IDC's research into business maturity with digital transformation. The following has been edited for length and clarity.

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ERP systems have a scary reputation. Over the years many enterprises have initiated massive ERP implementations and upgrades, only to find themselves behind schedule, way over-budget and only using portions of the ERP functionality. Some of these initiatives have been abandoned mid-project or even ended in litigation. As a result, CIOs must carefully evaluate requests to make major changes to functioning, albeit woefully outdated, ERP systems.

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The new blog series from IDC will inform IT and business leadership teams of the priorities of a digital transformation strategy and required digital capabilities. Part 1 identifies the top goals of digital transformation for enterprise executives and their leadership teams.

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