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I spent two and a half days with about 40 CIOs this week at GDS International's CIO US Summit in Miami, FL. As master of ceremonies for the event I found the discussions to be extremely consistent and centered on the following:

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Has your organization cut back significantly on internal testing resources in the past 12-18 months? As you seek to somehow manage the burgeoning workload to keep software performance and defect problems in check, has your company been seeking help from testing service providers? Have you hastily thrown together tactical attempts to fix immediate shortages without considering an overall strategy and relationship with a primary or with multiple providers? And what about embedded software to keep your product

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The future of the IT organization is a topic on many people's minds these days as the IT industry grapples ideas such as converged IT infrastructure as well as cloud-based computing and application services.  While listening to Paul Maritz (CEO of VMware) deliver his keynote at VMworld a few weeks ago, I had an interesting insight on the potential future of IT governance and its impact on organizational structures and responsibilities.

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