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If you're looking for signs that things may be getting better in the realm of IT investment, the past few weeks provided me with a number of positive antecedents that back up IDC's Predictions for 2010. In late February, I was at an event in New York City sponsored by a leading NetApp reseller.  CIOs from a number of leading finance, entertainment, life sciences, and manufacturing enterprises were trying to come to grips with what the "cloud" meant for their businesses.  Aside from the usual, and

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While 2010 opened on a positive economic note, in the past five-working days, I have had difficult conversations with three different organizations about additional, mid-year budget cuts. In all three cases, these multi-national corporations have apparently decided that their economic outlook warranted a downward adjustment. All three have started doling out additional Operating Expense (OpEx) cuts. In one case, a mandatory headcount reduction was decreed; in the other two, business managers were given the

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