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IDC's 2009 Corporate eDiscovery Technology Trends Survey concludes that among the most litigious and highly regulated industries, average ESI collection volumes per matter are rising; At the same time, corporate eDiscovery technology budgets are flat or declining. The early results of the 2010 study  suggest a slight improvement in budgets; however, the ESI volume trends persist.  The corporate litigants' challenges greatly influenced the product and service priorities of the technology vendor com

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Following the joint announcement by Cisco, NetApp, and VMware on January 26, a number of my colleagues, including our senior Vice President for enterprise infrastructure, consumer, and telecom research (Vernon Turner), re-engaged in a what has become a wide ranging, and sometimes spirited, discussion about converged infrastructure.  A number of product developments over the past couple years have been the catalyst for this ongoing discussion: The proliferation of "pre-fab" IT containers HP's pre-bundli

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Over a business dinner Monday evening, to no one’s surprise (!), we had an energetic conversation about the 2010 economic outlook, about IT spending, about how IT organizations from different sectors could be expected to perform -- and how IT professionals should approach "capital spending freezes."  

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