IT Governance and Executive Strategies

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It's been said that all businesses are technology companies in the age of digital transformation. It's also true that many are becoming information businesses as the amount and value of data they produce and consume continues to increase. In fact, business leaders and CIOs will find themselves not only missing opportunities but also at a competitive disadvantage if they don't leverage data assets before markets are crowded with competitors.


Will Blockchain Become a Ubiquitous Buzzword?

By Ivana Slaharova

Opportunities and Critical Points of Adopting Blockchain Technology in Central and Eastern European Region



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While it’s no surprise to learn that ICT spending continues moving to the 3rd Platform, or that new technologies like AR/VR and cognitive AI continue to deliver double-digit rates of growth during the current early stages of deployment and prototyping, there are many geographic differences in the way that new categories are gaining traction (or not) in different country markets and what this means for the likely economic benefits in the next 5-10 years.

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Digital transformation (DX) is causing a shift in the enterprise. Business leaders must rely on new KPIs for effective IT measurement. This blog covers the shift from traditional IT KPIs to the new KPIs that are being demanded as organizations are disrupted by digital transformation.



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Competing in an AI Enabled World

By Dave Schubmehl

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This is part 5 of the blog series on Digital Transformation (DX). To catch-up on any previous parts you may have missed in the series, please see the "Related Content" on the right side of the page. This blog focuses on one of the three strategic priorities for the enterprise – Digital Business at Scale, creating an operating model to run new businesses at scale.

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Welcome to Part 4 of this 5-Part blog series on Digital Transformation (DX). This blog focuses on one of the three strategic priorities for the enterprise – Data Monetization, the leveraging of data to create new digital revenue streams.

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