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True story: A VSM executive recently renewed an agreement for a legacy on-premise human capital management (HCM) solution. In return for a five-year commitment, the vendor reduced the maintenance fee by 25% annually. Based on IDC's benchmark data, the price was, indeed, best in class. But several months later, another executive in the company’s Digital Transformation Office requested help on a transformation strategy, seeking to replace the company’s outdated on-premise HCM system with a SaaS-based solution. Should the contract renewal be classified as savings or a costly mistake?

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Intelligent ERP applications are being evaluated and implemented by enterprises across all industries. Nevertheless, legacy ERP applications continue to consume a significant quantity of resources and money just to keep operations running.

According to Aaron Polikaitis, VP for IDC's IT Executive Programs Vendor Sourcing and Management practice, "Intelligent ERP will eventually replace legacy ERP solutions. Enterprises with coordinated transitions strategies will be in a position to make the shift in a fiscally responsible manner. Those that do not, will end up spending far more and managing a long business time to value.”

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The way to measure the effectiveness of IT operations has changed. To help IT and business leaders to get the most out of their IT operations, IDC addresses their essential about IT measurement in the age of digital transformation.

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There’s one thing upon which IT executives and LOB leaders agree: the CIO plays a critical role in innovation. In recent IDC surveys of IT executives and LOB executives, 45% of LOB executives designated the CIO as an innovation leader, while 41% of IT executives see the CIO as an innovation leader.

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The Changing Role of IT Leadership: Part 4

By Mike Jennett

The Search for Agile Without Sacrifice

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The Changing Role of IT Leadership: Part 3

By Mike Jennett

Digital Transformation (DX) and the Talent Revolution

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The Changing Role of IT Leadership | Part 2

By Mike Jennett

The Changing Role of IT Leadership | Part 2: Adapting the IT Organization & Leadership Structure for Digital Transformation (DX)

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IDC predicts that worldwide spending on digital transformation technologies will expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.8% through 2019 to more than $2.1 trillion. With this growth, companies, regardless of country or industry, are being disrupted by DX and must design a path forward.

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Top 10 Predictions for Worldwide SMB, 2017-2020

By Christopher Chute

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