Internet of Things (IoT)

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Using a similar approach to its launch of the Watson group in 2014, and the Business Analytics & Optimization group in 2009, IBM created an IoT "startup" on March 31st with 2,000 consultants and a commitment to invest $3 billion over the next four years. Moreover, on April 9th, IBM hosted IDC at an event in NYC to describe how it is helping clients, and its ecosystem partners, build IoT solutions. While many noteworthy hardware and software items were discussed (e.g., its work with Texas Instruments and new IoT services on BlueMix), I wanted to focus on what IBM's strategy tells us about the professional services opportunity.

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Predictive analytics: the silver bullet that can allow a business critical operation to have 99.99999% uptime, at peak performance, at the best possible cost that delivers the optimal business outcome. Is this reality? Can the customer experience be unflawed and retain 100% satisfaction with close to zero downtime at the best possible price. What can predictive analytics and the internet of things do to guarantee a predictable cost, high availability and stellar performance of a business operation?

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When we think of the Internet of Things (IoT), many of us experience it first hand through the explosion of awareness and marketing of wearable devices (primarily to measure and monitor our well being). While this is exciting and in some cases is the novelty of a new consumer device, the real IoT opportunity lies in many industries that go to make up the broader supply and eco-systems to the mass marketed world. In other words, some of the most important opportunities for product and competitive innovation will not be on the device on wrist of the consumer but in its whole supply chain where new profits and efficiencies can be gained.

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Why the CIO still matters in the Internet of Things

By Carrie MacGillivray

The IoT market continues to gain traction amongst vendors, but also amongst enterprises. Many of the discussions I have had over the last 24 months focus on how IoT will affect business process and that the line of business decision makers are the priority stakeholders who will make the decision about making an IoT investment. However, after thinking about it for several months and with some primary research in hand, I realize that the CIO and the IT department still will play a critical role in the initial investment in IoT.

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Welcome to the Internet Of Things (IoT)! Over the last couple of years, the IT industry has had several initiatives pressed upon them, and clearly one of the biggest has been the emergence of the IoT. In just five years time, by 2020, there will be almost 30 billion connected, smart devices on our networks that will require all of us to have a solid cloud computing, big data/analytic and mobile strategy on place.

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