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Data Veracity is a Must in the IoT World

By David Reinsel

“Junk in, Junk Out” – so goes the common phrase when it comes to the data that is fed into any process or algorithm and the corresponding results. Bad data, or data that lacks veracity, can not only produce inaccurate information, but also catastrophic results. Such is the case when considering the future of the IoT - data is key, but not just any data....valid and accurate data.

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Using a similar approach to its launch of the Watson group in 2014, and the Business Analytics & Optimization group in 2009, IBM created an IoT "startup" on March 31st with 2,000 consultants and a commitment to invest $3 billion over the next four years. Moreover, on April 9th, IBM hosted IDC at an event in NYC to describe how it is helping clients, and its ecosystem partners, build IoT solutions. While many noteworthy hardware and software items were discussed (e.g., its work with Texas Instruments and new IoT services on BlueMix), I wanted to focus on what IBM's strategy tells us about the professional services opportunity.

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