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I had a chance to spend a few days at the Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara this year, and this blog highlights some of the recent announcements in the AFA space from the show. NVMe was a major theme of the show, and we are seeing more enterprise storage vendors announce NVMe-based features, products and roadmaps.

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Last week, I explored some of the key issues and core benefits that are prompting enterprises to move to more flexible and cost-effective composable infrastructures. As I pointed out in Part 1 of this blog, composable infrastructure technologies from vendors like TidalScale are designed to address many of the most pressing issues in today’s data centers, such as the rapid growth of data, the challenges of accommodating unpredictable workloads with traditional servers and rack systems, and the inherent inefficiency and outright waste that comes from provisioning servers that cannot address the needs of new-generation applications and those that are dedicated to running just one application. In this part, l will review the role of software-defined resources in ensuring that composable data centers are a realistic and cost-effective end goal for enterprise digital transformation.

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Some recent acquisitions in the SDS market - Nutanix bought PernixData and Red Hat bought Permabit - highlight a cautionary adage I often heard when working with venture capitalists in the past. When evaluating the future prospects of a funding opportunity, VCs want to understand whether a new business idea is a standalone product or is really just a feature that will quickly be integrated into a platform (presumably owned and shipped by someone else).

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