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New approaches to infrastructure design are required for businesses to keep up with the amount of data that is generated, and whose timely analysis is of paramount importance for the business to remain competitive in the digital economy. Newer approaches to infrastructure must focus on efficiency to minimize budgetary shocks on IT departments, and agility to respond to business needs on-demand. Businesses are embracing new-generation applications to prepare themselves for the future, while maintaining current-gen applications that support revenue-generating operations.

Composable infrastructure technologies from vendors like TidalScale are designed with these key objectives in mind. They are designed to support both current and new generation of applications, thus enabling IT to better service revenue-generating operations while also supporting their business foray into the future. Crucially, Composable software solutions are software defined, and maximize return on investments in server hardware by pooling compute, memory and disk resources for maximum efficiency, utilization, and visibility across the entire datacenter, and not just a cluster of servers.

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IoT is bridging the IT–OT divide rapidly. Data is no longer just under the purview of IT. Smart and connected devices, which are under the purview of OT, enable data collection, control and actuation, and enable additional IT-centric applications. The need to collect, store, and analyze data in a cost-efficient and timely manner means that IT and OT architecture and operations models need to converge and coexist. Software-defined OT (SD-OT) and IT–OT convergence are part of an “Intelligent Edge." Converged IT/OT Systems minimize data transfer between the core and edge, and carry out OT and IT functions seamlessly.  SD-OT moves OT functions into the software running on industry-standard hardware. OT control and data acquisition functions are network-based and can be performed from the Core or anywhere at the Edge. Converging IT and OT means running IT and OT software on the same core and edge infrastructure tier and possibly on the same physical hardware.

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