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Performance Games?

By Eric Burgener

Performance numbers released by vendors about their storage arrays are often based on "hero tests" that do not provide much help in communicating how a system will perform on real-world workloads. Should the vendor community strive for more realistic tests, or should customers come to better understand the limitations of existing tests? This blog explores these topics based on an informal lunch time round table discussion at IDC Directions West on March 2.

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This blog post discusses flash-enabled storage architectures like the new EMC VMAX All-Flash that will continue to underpin the modern datacenter, but additionally enable new workloads and drive economic benefits. Flash has compelled storage suppliers like EMC to go back to the drawing board – to re-engineer storage architectures and capitalize on the transformational value of flash. The results are systems like the VMAX All Flash, which delivers unprecedented levels of performance and scale while bringing the gold standard of VMAX services that customers have come to rely on.

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