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DreamHost - Championing OpenStack and Ceph

By Ashish Nadkarni

In this IDC Vendor Profile we showcase DreamHost — a supplier of cloud-based compute and storage services. DreamHost is known for Ceph, a community-based unified storage platform that DreamHost developers created to solve their own storage challenges. Subsequently, DreamHost invested in an OpenStack-based architecture for its next-generation DreamCompute and DreamObjects services.

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IDC recently published an Insight on Data Lakes. It provides IDC's perspective on Enterprise Data Lake Platforms (EDLPs). The concept is still new and, at this time, in IDC's view, does not warrant a comprehensive taxonomy. However, given the characteristics of systems that are designed to support EDLPs, IDC contends that the relevant definitions and taxonomies when developed will align closely to IDC's Worldwide File- and Object-Based Storage Taxonomy, 2014 (IDC #245940, January 2014).

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IDC recently published a technology assessment on Ethernet Drives. This assessment examines the revolutionary nature of this technology, potential for these types of drives to hit it big with cloud and other types of hyper scale deployments and challenges for suppliers in attaining that market share. This blog post provides some highlights of the technology assessment.

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