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The 2013 Red Hat Summit just wrapped up. Like last year, this years summit was a refreshing experience. Very technical, almost no marketing fluff and lots of energy - like the kind you get to see at open-source summits. Where else do you get to see Raspberry PI and Linux on ARM in action? The central theme for this years summit was Red Hat's cloud ambition - by way of OpenStack, Storage Server and OpenShift. The time has come for OpenStack to become the next Linux. And I believe RedHat will do to OpenStack, what it did to Linux.

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Storage in the world of polyglot persistence

By Ashish Nadkarni

I recently a read a book by Pramod J. Sadalage and Martin Fowler called "NoSQL Distilled: A Brief Guide to the Emerging World of Polyglot Persistence". It is a fantastic read. It truly great job of distilling the various "NoSQL" databases in use today. It also describes the use cases (where to use them and more importantly where not to use them). Reading the book got me thinking: One of the reasons why storage is morphing as quickly in the infrastructure landscape is because it is bearing the brunt of polyglot persistence: A situation in which one different data stores in different circumstances. Relational databases (also known as integration databases) is just one option.....there are a plethora of other application databases (also known as application databases) as options. Both groups of databases have very different IO profiles and therefore storage requirements. Ouch!

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Last year IDC worked on an engagement to size the market opportunity for copy data. At that time, many people did not even know about this market - leave alone doing anything about it. 6 months later - and finally after a single vendor's painstaking push to make this market known - and IDC's validation of the market - things are finally starting to get noticed. And in the process, that single vendor (Actifio) is getting company. Like they say one vendor cannot define a we have two to tango. And soon there will be many more....

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The first forecast illustrating the impact of Big Data environments on storage infrastructure worldwide is now live on While the WW Big Data Technology and Services forecast provided top line storage revenue numbers, we responded to several clients that were requesting more insight into how these top line numbers mapped to the Enterprise Disk Systems forecast. This forecast also aligns our forecast models to the Enterprise Disk Systems forecast making it easier for future forecasts to be released as soon as the aforesaid forecast is released.

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