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IDC recently published its and the industry's first comprehensive taxonomy on software-based storage ( #240500). We are impressed by the positive acknowledgement, response and support we have received from our clients. We took an inclusionary approach choosing to incorporate the various innovative solutions put out by startups in the areas of cloud, scale-out file systems and most notably object platforms. However one of the key areas we unintentionally omitted are the influencers of software-based storage - who rightly got this movement started. We have updated our taxonomy to reflect these influencers.

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Discussion with Xtium regarding: cloud service provider adoption, customer demands for cloud, how Xtium is different than the megacloud providers, and how to get to the cloud.

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Discussion on OpenStack FC integration with Cinder. Understand the current state, Brocade's contribution, & the future of FC in OpenStack.

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At the Symantec 2013 WWIAC (World-wide Industry Analyst Conference for those who are guessing) there was a feeling of freshness in the air - a feeling of "we can do this right this time". I believe as Symantec 4.0 takes shape, we will finally begin to see objectives that Symantec intended to achieve when it acquired Veritas. That does not mean it is all rosy from here on out. Important questions still linger: What is the big picture? Why Symantec? Why now? - and finally "Is it too little too late?"

Eric Sheppard and Robert Amatruda also contributed to this blog post

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IDC Storage has been following and tracking the OpenStack movement for some time now. OpenStack has received significant press lately and it seems every major IT company is circling the preverbal wagon around OpenStack. What's reality vs. hype? Let's dive-in and dissect day 1 of the summit.

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Enterprises are faced with a myriad of challenges from dealing with the vast quantities of data being generated in our digital universe and the ever-growing number of applications to the cloud, virtualization, and Big Data analytics. When these issues are taken together, this places pressure on enterprise infrastructures to deliver higher performance and improved responsiveness at greater levels of efficiency. While a number of IT trends factor into the transformation of today's datacenters, the use of solid state storage (SSS) in conjunction with solid state drives (SSDs) has begun to play an important role in the enterprise market, and the enterprise all-SSS array market will grow to $1.2 billion in revenue by 2015. IDC provides an initial forecast for the enterprise all-SSS array market, one of the most critical new drivers of the storage industry and the expansion of storage performance beyond the 15,000 rpm hard disk drive (HDD).

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What's next for file-virtualization solutions?

By Ashish Nadkarni

Suppliers have tried hard to innovate with file virtualization technology. There have been many successful startups and many failed ones. Ultimately it seems that the market has failed to move these technologies from the "nice to have" bucket to a "must have bucket". Newer technologies like sync-n-share services threaten to change the dynamics of client side access. And yet companies like Avere continue chugging along trying as one of the sole survivors of this mini apocalypse to still prove that file virtualization technologies are indeed the solution to NAS sprawl. So is it time they expand their value proposition?

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I was at SNW this week and one of the exhibitors was the Active Archiving Alliance - an industry group focused on educating end user organizations on the evolving new technologies that enable reliable, online and efficient access to their archived data. Given that several of the members of this alliances are proponents - and suppliers - of object-storage platforms, I made the connection that by way of this Alliance, the growth of object-based solutions is going to be driven by a new use case: Active archiving.

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