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Organisations must have a clear mobility strategy that ensures mobile technology is an investment that works hard to deliver business value and meet the demands of increasingly mobile workforce. At the foundation of its successful implementation and execution is profiling. Profiling helps IT gain a clearer assessment of the personal productivity tools suited for specific user groups and workstyles within the organisation. In the past, many IT departments provided either blanket technologies for all staff or

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Mobility and Manufacturers' Key Strategic Vendors

By Kimberly Knickle

If you've been reading our manufacturing research for some time, you know that we've grouped the influential IT vendors in the manufacturing industry using the acronym SHOMI (pronounced "show me") to represent SAP, HP, Oracle, Microsoft, and IBM. Manufacturers invest heavily in these SHOMI vendors for IT applications, infrastructure, hardware, services and, sometimes, even mobile devices. It's not unusual for manufacturers to first investigate what the SHOMI vendors can provide today or will

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Much has been written about Wireless LANs (WLANs) over the past few years, especially as enterprise IT has rolled out large scale wireless networks as overlays on their wired ethernet deployments. So one may ask- what's new with enterprise networks, especially as it relates to WLANs. It's the smart mobile devices- stupid. It’s the iPhones and the Android-based phones in the hands of enterprise users who are looking for instant gratification. Add to that the more recent tablet phenomena- and the number

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