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As organizations begin in earnest to deploy mobile solutions, consideration should be given to the newer technologies now available to companies providing efficient, cost effective and rapid deployment of applications, while keeping in mind the critical “old school” core platform components such as

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2010 EMEA Enterprise Mobility Survey - Results Are In!

By Nicholas McQuire

This week, IDC will publish results from our annual EMEA Enterprise Mobility Survey, which questioned 1,240 end users in 13 countries across EMEA on the latest workforce mobility trends within their organizations. Interviews were conducted in July/August 2010 across seven countries in the Western European region of the survey, including 10 company size categories and industry verticals. The findings so far have been compelling and draw out some unique European perspectives from end users

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Enterprise IT Managers Increase Mobile Spending

By Courtney Munroe

The adoption of mobile services has become one of the most important issues for IT Managers in US Enterprises today.   Over the last two years, this had become evident anecdotally with the creeping "consumerization of IT" phenomenon, that has been analyzed by many, including IDC.   The initial coalescence of convenience and cost, between the consumer and Enterprise segments, has now morphed into the realization that Enterprises can leverage mobile devices to facilitate the enablement of

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