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Yes, the majority of shipments of Wi-Fi into the enterprise today are controller-based, centrally managed WLANs. So why isn't the issue settled once and for all? As Wireless LAN connectivity across the enterprise has shifted over the last few years from a "nice to have" to "essential to have", IT and Network Managers have been focused on the need for improved performance and reliability of Wi-Fi infrastructure. Enterprises are now including wireless in their quest for an "always on" network and are willing

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When the first WP7 powered devices find their way into the hands of end users most if not all will immediately notice a completely new and differentiated UI. Of course, like all that is new in technology and design, Microsoft has utilized UI concepts developed by industry pioneers such as Wayne Westerman, Bob Boie, Bill Buxton and Jeff Hann over the past 30 plus years and distilled them into something unique. With WP 7, gone is the frustrating Windows PC interface that was crammed into the confines of a mob

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Windows Phone 7 and European Business

By Nicholas McQuire – 4 Comments

Microsoft's long anticipated "restart" in mobile comes to Europe at a time leading up to the holiday period where it will have to contend with only a few new competitor devices. Microsoft and its OEM partners are simultaneously announcing Europe alongside the US for the official global WP7 launch next week. I will be onsite in Hamburg Germany with partners Deutsche Telekom, Samsung and LG as part of the live announcement on the 11th, so stay tuned for my impressions and hopefully some detail on when devices

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Is Windows Phone 7 Right for Business?

By Stephen Drake

As Microsoft is set to launch Windows Phone 7 (WP7) next week, will the OS and corresponding devices be business ready?  Perhaps an initial question as to whether Microsoft has any chance to succeed at all?

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