Enterprise Mobility

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Mobile Threat management (MTM) is a real issue the enterprise must take on as part of its innovation practices. This blog serves up some pointers about the marketplace when you are ready to consider your vendor options for mobile deployment and mobile management services.

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This IDC blog post provides details around our latest IDC SMB Infographic

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What happens when the things we just expect to work stop working, and who's to blame? When it comes to Enterprise Mobility, leaders need to ensure that they are treating their mobility infrastructure more like the power grid than a consumer app. This goes from the data center to the device and the app running on that device.

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With a recent IDC Health Insights survey of hospitals across the MEA identifying a strong correlation between IT infrastructure investment plans and a desire among hospitals to increase patient satisfaction, healthcare providers across the Middle East are increasingly switching their attention to the so-called 3rd Platform technologies of mobility, cloud, and big data and the benefits they can bring. So what does the future hold for eHealth in the Middle East? (Originally published September 18, 2014.)

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Earlier this year, IDC completed a comprehensive U.S.-based survey of over 400 organizations that focused on their adoption of mobile enterprise application software adoption. According to the survey, adoption of mobile applications within businesses is helping to improve customer experience and increase employee productivity. Businesses are achieving these benefits by using mobility to provide customers and employees with information access, context, and the ability to act.

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Mopria Alliance - Transforming the Mobile Print Experience

By Dinesh Srirangpatna

Mopria Alliance, is an initiative by leading hardcopy equipment and mobile device manufacturers to develop and promote standards for printing from mobile touch points such as smart phones and tablets. The founding members of Mopria Alliance are Canon, HP, Samsung and Xerox.

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With the rise of BYOD and the increasing power of cloud applications, CIOs are finding that virtually anything that they put out has to have a mobile component. Recognizing this, developers of business applications are focusing innovation on ways that companies can take advantage of end-user connectedness and mobility.

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SYSPRO -New Espresso Mobile Solution

By Scott Tiazkun

Manufacturers have been looking how to integrate mobility capabilities/features with their ERP systems. One vendor thinks it has the solution to provide the SMB manufacturing market with a mobility framework that delivers value for their clients.

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Flexible Phones Provide Form and Functionality

By Dinesh Srirangpatna

Flexible displays and phones are aiming to customize user experience. Flexibility permits phones to optimize user experience (listening and speaking), as well as, be used as fashion accessories. The new flexible light weight displays may replace paper in conventional print publication such as magazines. In addition, users may learn to navigate new gestures such as twist to complete a workflow.

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