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On a recent sold-out New York to Boston train, I sat next to a man who talked loudly on his phone for almost half of the nearly 4-hour trip. It became clear that he was a software sales exec in the throes of end-of-quarter deals. I was trapped on the only available seat on the train and forced to listen to him rattle on about the ways that his staff should extract software licensing revenue from prospects, mostly by playing off of ambiguity and complexity in licensing terms and agreements.

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It's been just over a week since the IDC team presented the Cloud Decision Framework Tool at the Cloud Leadership Forum... and what a week it's been! We've received such great feedback and are working away at the next version of the tool now but the same question keeps coming up -- What options are available to learn more? -- especially for people who missed our workshop last week.

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Cloud Decision Economics Workshop

By Aimee Bartlett

Yesterday IDC held a Cloud Decision Economics Workshop at the 2012 Cloud Leadership Forum in Santa Clara, CA. Joe Pucciarelli presented great slides on the topic then Randy Perry and I took an hour or so to lead the attendees through our newly launched Cloud Decision Framework Tool. The final hour of the workshop was full of insightful discussion and debate around private and public clouds among the 60+ participants.

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