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Recent virtualization and cloud management announcements from companies as diverse as Microsoft, VMware, Cisco, UC4, BMC, IBM and others highlight a couple of important shifts that customers who are currently crafting cloud management software strategies need to consider: Increasing emphasis on private cloud and hybrid environments that span internal cloud and non cloud environments Increasing vertical integration of provisioning and monitoring of applications and workloads down through n-tier middleware, h

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Software licensing and pricing models are generally not lauded as intuitive, simple, or user-friendly. The challenges-- most which center on complexity and terms that seem to smell of bait-and-switch--are not limited to on-premise software licensed in the perpetual sense, but there seems to be a higher concentration of issues here. Moving to the cloud does not necessarily make all of this easier. I recently moderated a discussion on software licensing challenges with two CIOs who have built out hybrid cloud

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A couple of weeks ago, I opened up IDC's "future of IT" event - Directions 2011 - with our picture of what the IT industry will look like for the next 20 or 25 years.  I presented IDC's view that we are at a "once every 25 years" transition, moving from the industry's second major solution platform (built on PCs and client/server apps) to the third platform, built on cloud, mobile devices and apps, mobile broadband, big data analytics and social technologies.   The audience was primarily IT vendor

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