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How many orchestra leaders do we need?

By Gard Little

One thing is pretty clear and consistent from my research on over 15 different providers of cloud professional services—the infrastructure layer of cloud is rapidly commoditizing as vendors build and implement cloud services on behalf of their clients. Two things stand out for me from these meetings. First, the unusually high degree of consensus among vendors about this trend for a delivery and consumption model, cloud services, that is still relatively embryonic.  Second, the almost unanimous de

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Cloud Identity Trends in 2011

By Sally Hudson

IDC is forecasting a much "cloudier" year for Identity and Access Management in 2011.  Leveraging cloud architectures will allow companies to focus more heavily on creatively and effectively offering solutions and services to grow business.   Since Cloud computing and SaaS applications are changing the way companies can do business, the security  and trust models are changing along with them.    Cloud Security starts with Identity as the first security query should be "who

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