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I recently created a video on "IDC's Cloud Computing Predictions for 2011" for IDC's TechTalk Channel over on YouTube.  The video presents a 5 minutes our top-level thinking on what will happen in cloud in the coming year, and what it means for IT leaders and their organizations.   For more detail, check out the full IDC Predictions document - IDC Predictions 2011: Welcome to the New Mainstream.

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[Note: this is a repost of something I wrote on the IDC eXchange blog last year, but - given all the current hoopla about private clouds - I think it's worth re-publishing.  Let me know what you think! -- Frank] In the past year, I've had hundreds of conversations with client and press about the emerging cloud services model, and its impact on the IT industry.  As you might imagine, more than a few folks question whether the cloud services model will really be as pervasive and transforming as its

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Are you really who you say you are?  Strong authentication --- everyone talks about it, but where is it?  When companies embark on a Cloud deployment, the lowest common denominator of "good enough" is almost always applied.   Of course, "good enough" is usually determined by the criticality rating of the data and information to be accessed, coupled with the list of current and potential users.   Unfortunately this often translates into a password, or if you're really lucky, a s

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Private Cloud Productivity Leaders Say Focus on the Service

By Mary Johnston Turner

It is no secret that many IT teams have been disappointed that their investment in virtualization has improved server utilization but hasn't made much of a dent in improving the timeliness or quality of service delivered to business users.  IT staff productivity, as measured by the ratio of admins to servers and VMs, hasn't improved much either. Among organizations that are designing and implementing cloud solutions, we frequently hear that they are doing so in order to improve IT o

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