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SAP Sapphire 2012: Partnering Progresses

By Darren Bibby

Over the past five years, IDC has seen formerly direct-salesforce-centric companies becoming slightly more partner friendly each year. Companies like IBM, Oracle and SAP have made significant strides in that time. But SAP deserves special recognition after this year's Sapphire event. It seems as though the channel-focused "talk" of recent years is becoming a reality in the field. There were a few key pieces of evidence that were witnessed in Orlando:

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Where did the term Cloud come from? I used to have a good theory. Something about network diagrams and lots of cloud shaped whiteboard drawings. But now I'm convinced that the over-used term came from Microsoft. After a week in the Seattle area without seeing any sun - it only makes sense that it was the Redmond giant. Makes sense, right?
Joking aside, Microsoft deserves credit for its strategy and commitment around hosting partners.

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