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Can the channel continue to motor on?

By Dom Webb

I recently presented at CRN’s 2011 Channel conference – held at Arsenal’s Arab Emirates Stadium in North London – see, it’s not always Paris in the fall.

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I was recently asked by a client for a set of criteria to use when rating a partner that a vendor or a customer is considering for a business opportunity. Naturally the set of criteria will vary for each situation or type of partner business model (e.g., Value added resellers, system integrators, independent software vendors), but there is a basic set of questions that everyone can start with. In my opinion, there are three basic reasons to evaluate a VAR (or any type of partner actually): When a vendor is

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A number of clients have recently been asking about Enterprise Application Marketplaces. My colleague @miravperry and I did research on this topic and published the results to our clients in September 2011 (the full report is available on as report #230540 "Enterprise Application Marketplaces"). As part of the research we were asked "what are the top 10 things we need to consider when building or revamping an enterprise application marketplace". So, here's our list….

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