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Why is Facebook Graph Search Important?

By Dave Schubmehl – 3 Comments

Graph Search introduces a new mechanism where Facebook users can navigate through their Facebook connections to find out what they want when they want. In much the same way that Google Search has impacted and raised the bar for enterprise search, Facebook's Graph Search is going to raise the bar for enterprise social and semantic search. The biggest impact to Facebook's Graph Search, beyond its immediate appeal to Facebook users, may be to take enterprise search to the next level, incorporating semantic search and including enterprise social capabilities.

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As my colleague Ashish Nadkarni and I prepared for IDC's 2013 Big Data Predictions webcast, I began to reflect on the past year's significant events that will impact not only the big data but also the much broader business analytics market. As in past years those of us focused on tracking trends in the business analytics market huddled to come up with ten events from 2012 that are likely to influence the market in the next 12 months and beyond. The results (admittedly, in this blog post, with some software bias) showing ten significant business analytics events are in this blog post.

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Dan Vesset and I presented our annual Big Data predictions on 1/8. Hot off the presentation, here is a recap of some of the infrastructure predictions - with some more commentary on where we see the market going in the next few years.

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