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Why Outsource Analytics?

By Henry Morris – 3 Comments

This post presents reflections on the growing interest in the outsourcing of knowledge services (so called KPO), for which IDC research shows analytics as the area of highest demand. But can the outsourcing of analytics truly be separated from the process being outsourced? Since BPO providers manage the data created through that process, they are in a position to analyze that data and use it to improve the process. In time, BPO and KPO should become one, for delivering analytics within a process.

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Following my earlier post on the overarching capabilites necessary for Analytical Orientation, this post counts down the 5 most important capabilities organizations need to adopt to assure a competitively differentiating analytical orientation: Performance management culture, data orientation of nonexecutives, system design quality and the understanding by all employees of the importance and limits of leveraging data for decision making.

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Over the last two years the phrase 'data is the new oil' has been used and reused at most analytics or Big Data conferences. It has been attributed (as far as I can tell) to Clive Humby of the consulting firm DunnHumby. I think it's a good analogy - one that is usually followed by references to data management and analysis vendors as the new oil refiners. However, that's as far as most speakers take the analogy,

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Analytics is difficult - but the technology is taking care of itself. The biggest challenge for most organizations will be to align their information management and their organizational management capabilities to support a differentiating analytical orientation.

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