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IBM's Watson: a new era in analytics?

By Susan Feldman

If you've been following the Jeopardy-IBM Watson faceoff this week, then you have witnessed a breakthrough in analytics and in new architectures for mining and analyzing diverse types of information in a single application. Watson and its successors may usher in a new approach to computing, combining as it does, so many disparate techniques to create a "thinking" machine.  IBM has combined deep NLP with machine learning, a voting algorithm, a method of interpreting the questions and assessing them b

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I recently spoke to a professor in the information systems department of the University of Georgia business school.  We were talking about the explosive growth in analytics and the need for more investment in analytics education for future business professionals.   He proudly spoke about the coverage of analytics, data design and management and allied technology topics in the curriculum for the IT specialization at the business school.  Then I asked him about the coverage of analytics in

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