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Is a Data Warehouse an End in Itself?

By Henry Morris

Ten years ago, I received a call from a client, a major insurance company, asking for some data warehousing guidance.  The client explained that they had built a data warehouse, then filled it with corporate data, and now wanted to hire a user advocate to encourage users to take advantage of this asset.  I suggested that it seemed to me that they might have done this on the front end, but I tried to help by indicating the skills for such an advocate who bridged IT and business for leveraging a dat

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The Promise of the Instant Database: Just Add Data

By Carl Olofson

It's all the rage: preconfigured combinations of hardware and software that offer database servers requiring virtually no setup and configuration. While leading vendors are shying away from the term "appliance", these products offer offer a value proposition much like classic appliances. This category captured the headlines during the week of September 20, 2010, when Oracle rolled out its newest version of the Exadata Database Machine at Oracle OpenWorld 2010, while at the same time IBM announced its acquis

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I met Jit Saxena the founder of Netezza in 2002 at the company's product launch event in Framingham, MA, also the hometown of IDC. I also met Foster Hinshaw there for the first time. Foster later left Netezza to start his own company, Dataupia. There was excitement in the air at that time as as a new data warehousing company was set to launch its first product. In hindsight the event proved to be an important launch point for a new phase in the data warehousing market. In fact, in 2003, I wrote an IDC repor

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