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There's no question that cloud computing is entering a new phase that goes well beyond early curiosity. Organizations big and small, across the globe are adopting cloud-based services and a growing number of IT leaders are looking for pragmatic guidance on embracing cloud computing and its variants such as software as a service, platform as a service, and infrastructure as a service. I won't say much more about these technologies because there are colleagues of mine at IDC who are much more knowledgeable on

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I have a confession: I am not a gadget person. As a software analyst who is not into gadgets I’m probably in a minority of one – but diversity is good, right?  Of course I have to use something…device-wise, at work I am fiercely loyal to my “retro” Nokia E51. When tweeting on it recently (out of desperation – laptop issues) I was quite impressed at how usable the mobile internet is. I also recently acquired a 2-year-old blackberry from a friend (to keep up with the

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    James Wan says:
    It could be a great step to provide a better experience for users. Cloud and big data harnessing their data for critical insights and predictions, and connecting customer touchpoints to drive brand loyalty and growth
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