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The 3rd Platform, including cloud, mobile, social and big data and analytics in addition to new technologies which IDC calls “Innovation Accelerators”, already accounted for more than 60% of worldwide ICT spending in 2016, and will grow to more than three quarters of industry revenue by 2021. But within that headline statistic, significant regional variations have emerged as 3rd Platform business models develop around the world.

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October 11, 2017

IDC MarketScape Examines Global IaaS Players

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To be successful with a cloud strategy, organizations must take a comprehensive approach to adoption. Today, IaaS is a major component of any enterprise cloud adoption strategy. Selecting what workloads to host in a public or private cloud is a major decision. Further, selecting the right vendor for each workload is another complex decision. IDC’s IaaS MarketScape has taken a deep look at the marketplace of the major global IaaS players.

Mobile Threat management (MTM) is a real issue the enterprise must take on as part of its innovation practices. This blog serves up some pointers about the marketplace when you are ready to consider your vendor options for mobile deployment and mobile management services.

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