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Bolstered by the recent announcement of a cloud-based predictive analytics platform from Veritas (Predictive Insights), the momentum around these types of platforms continues to grow in enterprise storage. To date, these platforms have been announced by enterprise storage vendors shipping external storage arrays. Veritas' introduction is notable since they are primarily a software provider, although the announcement is associated with the NetBackup appliances customers can buy from Veritas channel partners. This article provides a quick introduction to these types of platforms, what makes them different from traditional remote monitoring systems, and provides a bit of a market update on this space.

This brief blog presents 5 key things technology suppliers must be aware of when it comes to tariffs being imposed.

Linux and especially Enterprise Linux is a crucial component of a modern application portfolio. The choice of an appropriate OSE like Linux is essential for consolidating and modernizing the current-generation of applications, while also supporting the development and delivery of new-generation applications. The more versatile the OSE, the easier it is to repackage, replatform and refactor the entire application stack, including its data management and analytics components. A commercial Linux distribution accelerates database consolidation, application modernization, development and packaging initiatives.

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