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When it comes to government information technology, chief financial officers (CFOs) of major agencies are becoming key influencers of IT investment choices.

The CFO is no longer just the head of the finance department. Increasingly, the government CFO has influence over how investments are analyzed and prioritized across the organization. In government, this is particularly true for information technology investment choices, both because of the millions of dollars they represent, and the long-term nature of the investments.

A strong, collaborative relationship between CFOs and chief information officers (CIOs) is an increasingly important part of information technology (IT) planning at government agencies. If the pair can work together, they can forge a highly productive relationship. But making this type of partnership work is extremely challenging.

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Technology is changing the economics of law enforcement in many fields, from crime prevention and investigation to fighting tax and welfare fraud. 3rd platform technologies, particularly big data and analytics are already making a big difference. And a new wave of technologies, from artificial intelligence to robots have the potential to accelerate this transformation.

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