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OMB Has A New Cybersecurity Plan

By Alan Webber

OPM was breached five months ago and 21.5 million records were compromised. OMB has a new cybersecurity plan in the CSIP that is supposed to stop breaches like OPM, but because of inherent weaknesses in government, this plan is destined to fail.

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Open Source is Dead, Long Live Open Source

By Massimiliano Claps

Ten years ago, there was a heated debated in the industry about the benefits of open source software (OSS), and the public sector was right in the middle of it. Then the argument for or against open source smoothened, and OSS became just another tool for government CIOs and enterprise architects. In the past couple of years, IDC research has found a resurgence of OSS in the government sector for a number of reasons.

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