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10 Things a New Federal CIO Will Need to Address

By Shawn P. McCarthy

Being the top CIO in the U.S. federal government is like climbing atop a bucking bronco. You can have a bit of influence, you might be able to nudge things in a certain direction and you hope to be able hang on through the bumps and turns. But to a certain extent, you can't fully influence where the ride will take you. That's all part of the adventure.

When Federal CIO Steven VanRoekel stepped away from his post on Sept. 19 (to become Chief Innovation Officer U.S. Agency for International Development), he created both a hole in the top federal IT slot, and a chance for a new person to put their own unique stamp on a job that has proven to be challenging and unwieldy.

Yet, today, change is starting to happened to IT management within federal agencies. The quickening pace of cloud adoption and new mobile solutions is a big part of the reason. Thus, deep impact on IT planning could be possible for the next federal CIO, but not without a major effort. Here are 10 things that the federal government's incoming top IT executive will need to tackle.

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The future of government innovation in services and service delivery won't necessarily be found in new technologies, but will instead come from remixing current technologies in new and interesting ways.

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Deepening The Coverage Of Government at IDC

By Alan Webber

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