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Federal Cloud Spending - Even Higher Than Predicted

By Shawn P. McCarthy

Total U.S. federal government spending on cloud solutions? It's growing even faster than the government itself predicted.
A year ago, as the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) was preparing the federal Fiscal Year 2014 IT Budget, agency CIOs predicted that feds would spend a total of about $2.2 billion on cloud. But now, that the preliminary FY 2015 IT budget has been set, it looks like agencies actually will spend over $3 billion on cloud. That's a difference of nearly $800 million.

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The Conundrum of Big Data: Panacea or Problem

By Adelaide OBrien

Big Data may be an overhyped buzz word today, with recent provocative headlines about Big Data from advancing human Genome research to find specific markers for cancer or genetic diseases, to Big Data analytics raising big privacy questions, as well as the problems of our digital footprint haunting us forever. However one recent headline gave me pause, as it asked the hypothetical question of whether Big Data could have prevented the recent Fort Hood shootings.

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Big Data ... Big Ethical Question Marks

By Massimiliano Claps – 1 Comment

Big data and analytics, especially when combined with the level of personalization allowed by mobile computing and wearable devices, and with the power of sensors and actuators that enable machines to react to events and make choices on behalf of individuals even if those individuals are not aware, is raising puzzling ethical questions.

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