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Debating the definition and merits of Big Data is like listening to a group of people who just watched the same movie. Some liked it, some didn't and everyone has a different opinion on what it all means.
When we've talked to government IT managers over the past year, we've quickly discovered that, to some, the term Big Data simply means rapidly growing collections of data – both structured and unstructured. To others, the term refers to sets that already have reached a certain size. To others, a collection doesn't qualify as Big Data unless it includes streaming data and collected social media interactions.

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On March 19th, 2014, the UK government released the new budget proposal, which unveiled further rounds of cost cutting in many areas. The same day, maybe with a little less attention from the international press, the Italian government released a spending review report aimed at identifying potential cost optimization programs. This blog discusses the potential impacts on the Italian public sector ICT investment

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Federal agencies are taking some unwarranted risks in their Big Data projects. These risks include not managing Big Data strategy at the enterprise level, a lack of collaboration, communication and coordination with various parts of an agency, a lack of an information management process, and a lack of even such intuitive technologies as providing apps for accessing and analyzing data on mobile devices.

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Picturing the future of ICT in education

By Massimiliano Claps

Last night my colleagues and I hosted a cocktail reception for a group of U.K. IT and academic leaders from schools, colleges and universities. We contributed with a short introductory presentation about our top 10 predictions for the education sector in EMEA. But the really interesting part of the evening was the panel discussion that followed, where the executives, who we had invited to contribute to the event as advisory board members, discussed their vision, as well as practical experiences.

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