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Your network is more important than ever. But is it in good shape?
Today, most government agencies have a clear mission – to provide reliable services to citizens, businesses, and public safety organizations. This may sound basic, but providing such services can be a massive undertaking, complete with data gathering, forms processing, issuing permits, tracking results, enforcing laws and generating reports to document end results.
Successful execution of an agency's mission is only possible when IT systems are secure and reliable. This includes making sure that the machines, data and applications associated with those government services remain readily available. That, in turn, means that the network capability consistently remains in place to keep everything readily reachable.

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Doing New With Less

By Massimiliano Claps

Governments are under pressure to reduce costs. Doing more with less is not enough in this context; in fact, over the past three or four years a few administrations resorted to doing less with less. In 2013, innovation with less money became the imperative for many governments: I guess we could call that Doing New With Less.

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