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This year, it has been fascinating to watch the jockeying between two tech titans, Amazon and IBM, as each seeks to become a main service provider as the Central Intelligence Agency moves some of its IT operations to the cloud.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) was the early winner in that race, when it was awarded the initial contract. But an appeal by IBM stalled the effort.

But one thing is for certain. Even if Amazon ultimately loses this contract, the very fact that the company was an early winner greatly boosts its standing in the realm of government IT contractors. When one of the most security-conscious of all federal agencies declares that Amazon is capable of delivering the sort of large-scale secure computing environment that an intelligence agency needs, it gives the company some instant inside-the-beltway street cred.

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The New Zealand federal government announced its Government ICT Strategy and Action Plan 2017 in June. IDC Government Insights convened a one day executive retreat with top Department of Internal Affairs representatives and agency heads to discuss the critical components of converting strategy into action in the midst of enormous technology and business shifts. Perhaps appropriately, there was an earthquake in Wellington right before I arrived.

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