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With an information technology budget of just over $36 billion dollars, the U.S. Defense Department represents roughly 46.3% of the anticipated Federal IT budget for Fiscal Year 2014. Meanwhile, the U.S. intelligence communities are expected to spend an additional $12.1 billion on IT solutions in FY 2014. Together DoD and the U.S. intelligence agencies represent one of the largest IT markets in the world.

That's why it's important for vendors who serve the government market space to comprehend the complexities and nuances of this often difficult-to-understand part of the government.

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Where's the Pendulum Swinging?

By Massimiliano Claps

The pendulum of IT centralization vs. decentralization has been swinging back towards decentralization since the advent of third-platform technologies, but not all government jurisdictions across Europe have taken the same steps in the same direction. A recent hearing in the U.S. congress and some IDC survey data provide food for thought.

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