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Open Government Act 2

By Adelaide OBrien

In Act 2 of Open Government, organizations that promote open data are fostering more commercial activity in application software (apps) and services, and facilitating improved outcomes across a range of government goals.

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New Year, New Device, New Dell?

By Thom Rubel

It's a new year that will bring new devices and solutions to government amid plenty of budget uncertainty. We've placed our bets on IT changes in government in our 2013 predictions. We're also always out there looking at trends, drivers, and solutions. There are some interesting changes taking place already and we're not even a month into it.

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Rival Implementation Paths - Yet BYOD Still Hits a Wall

By Shawn P. McCarthy

At many government agencies, mobile computing advocates are strongly pushing "bring your own device" (BYOD) solutions.

This can work, but only if the BYOD approach offers just basic functionality, such as allowing guest access to an office Wi-Fi network.

But most agencies want more than that out of their mobile devices. As they work to leverage the expected functionality of smartphones and tablet computers, hard limits are quickly discovered. When this happens, IT managers may need to limit exactly what BYOD means to their workers. Eventually this may mean approving just a specific subset of devices rather than allowing employees to bring whatever device they want.

This is happening even though mobile solutions tend to fall into two main technology camps – each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

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