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The Scottish government bi-annual household survey provides interesting data that suggest e-participation does not happen on government controlled channels, no matter how badly citizens would like to participate.

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The traditional way of procuring IT is evolving in government. As procurement vehicles and practices evolve, it is interesting to notice that IT buyers and users are looking for agility and reduction of risks, and not only the lowest possible price and process compliance.

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Forget BYOD and look instead at BYOA

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Mobility seems to have surpassed social media as the most commonly discussed topic about consumerization of IT in government. However, IDC research indicates that the current wave of strategies is somewhat skewed towards a device-centric approach. Device security, portability across platforms are all legitimate and very important questions, but there seems to be a bit of a disconnect between them and the application side.

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Athena is a program that London Boroughs are implementing to consolidate ERP platforms, in order to achieve efficiency savings and capability enhancements. These objectives are commendable, but the path they have taken presents some risks.

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The Olympic Stadium Syndrome of Government IT

By Massimiliano Claps

Government IT systems were traditionally affected by delays, ballooning costs, earlier than expected obsolescence. Something similar to what happens to the shiniest and biggest Olympic arenas. The London Olympics might offer some interesting lessons to government CIOs that strive to manage those risks.

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The insourcing versus outsourcing debate comes in all shapes and forms. IDC research indicates that it is a shortsighted debate that government IT and non-IT executives should interpret with a big picture outlook, when they are faced with critical sourcing decisions.

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