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In the past few years, spurred by the most severe budget constraints in decades, governments have started to connect the dots and launched international cooperation initiatives and national government programs led by tax agencies to close some of that gap. Despite some initial difficulties, invariably all programs had a technology (IT) component.

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UK Government PSN: Putting Strategy into Practice

By Massimiliano Claps

The UK Government, through the Government Procurement Service, awarded a contract for the provision of "Connectivity" services, under the Public Services Network (PSN) program. To achieve the potential savings of critical mass and the specific interoperability benefits of PSN, a number of conditions need to be satisfied

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Top Themes from the World City Summit 2012 in Singapore

By Ruthbea Yesner Clarke

I recently attended the World Cities Summit 2012 in Singapore at the invitation of IBM. It was an incredibly interesting and energizing event that drew ministers, mayors, city leaders, business executives, academics and the media from around the world to discuss pressing city issues.

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Too little for an ambitious outcome?

By Massimiliano Claps

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