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Yesterday IBM released a Memorial Day Weekend Social Sentiment Index that indicated that people are feeling more optimistic about travel and shopping and less concerned about gas prices as compared to Memorial Day Weekend 2011. The Index demonstrates a new kind of real-time market research that can be used to better understand and respond to customers - or in the case of government - citizens.

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Open Government 2.0

By Adelaide OBrien

This April marked the two year anniversary of federal agency Open Government Plans with biannual updates that reflect renewed emphasis on collaboration and participation, and new initiatives including "smart disclosure" and Big Data plans.

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Recently I spoke with a Smart City consultant to several cities in the Netherlands. Mr. Ray Versteeghu's work with the city of Almere is yet another example of cities, especially those in Western Europe, who are organizing city ideas and innovations around the Smart City concept. The city of Almere offers an interesting look at a Smart City in development and a great example of the first steps in creating a Smart City.

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